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We are experienced operators and investors looking to acquire one great business in the Connecticut and New York area. We will lead and operate that business and dedicate ourselves to building, growing, and sustaining it.  


We are interested in great businesses that provide essential services to homeowners, companies, and other organizations. That’s where we have had a lot of success building valuable, enduring businesses together. 


Our goal is to be the caretakers of the legacy you have built and partner with you and your team to drive your business to new heights. You plowed immense time and effort into building a strong business with outstanding services, satisfied clients, and happy employees. We take a similarly long view when it comes to unfolding the next chapter in your life’s work.

>Capital investment in a healthy, growing company providing technology-enabled services to homeowners and organizations


> Two experienced entrepreneurs become the caretakers of your business and life's work


> Partnership with existing founders and management teams 

Greenwich Point Capital

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